Sunday, March 27, 2011

PHOTOS: Bikinis! High Heel Hotties

How do Hollywood stars make their beyond sexy bikini bods look even sexier? By adding a pair of hot high heels to the mix! has photos of the biggest bikini bombshells in the world, showing off their fabulous figures in barely-there bikinis and designer heels.� Click the next sentence to see high heel hotties in bikinis.

Click Here To See Stars Showing Off Their Bikini Bodies In High Heels

Britney Spears has one of the hardest bodies in Hollywood.� The pretty pop star dances her way to bikini body perfection and loves showing off all of her hard work, by rocking white hot bikini with red hot heels at the pool.

Click Here To See Britney Spears Sizzle Up The Pool In Her Bikini And Heels

PHOTOS: The Best And Worst Bikini Boobs On The Beach

Kate Beckinsale is Brit babe with a bombshell bod.� The sexy thespian is always dressed to thrill and the red carpet, so why should she settle on anything less than glam for the beach?

Click Here To See Kate Beckinsale's Banging Bikini

PHOTOS: Hollywood's Hottest Divorcees Bare All In Their Bikinis

Pamela Anderson knows how to keep it sexy at the beach, rocking towering platforms with her white hot bikinis.

Click Here To See Pamela Anderson's Awesome Assets In A Bikini

PHOTOS: Bikini Wars!� Sexy Stars Who Have Posed For Playboy

And bikini bad girls Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have more in common than their collection of mugshots-both bathing beauties know that towering heels turn a day at the beach from hot to scorching!

Click Here To See Paris Hilton's Hotness In A Sexy Bikini And Heels

Click Here To See Lindsay Lohan's Luscious Bikini Bod

PHOTOS: Bikini Bad Girls! Trouble Makers Strip Down

What other beach bunnies rock heels with their bikinis?� Click here to find out.


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PHOTOS: Real Or Fake?� The Bikini Wars Boob Showdown

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